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Meetup to share knowlegde and discuss Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do Concepts.

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Meet other MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Fans, and share your passion for the fastest growing sport in the world today! Our goal is to unite MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fans in New York City. We will strive to create a loyal membership base that will enjoy b

Fight Fans

This group is for Active Participants of Martial Arts looking to cross-train. For consideration to join this group, please answer the profile questions when prompted. Meet with other Martial Artists and Styles in the Orange County, CA area to learn,

Martial Artists

Authentic Jeet Kune Do classes combining real world martial arts training with functional bodyweight fitness.Get out of that smelly gym and join us outdoors for some fun and fresh air!Sponsored by San Gabriel Valley Jeet Kune Do, our professional mar

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Jeet Kune Do Students

This meet-up was created in 2006 to provide an accessible forum for wing chun practitioners in Orange County to refine and improve their skills. The structure is very informal. Our regular participants are active Wing Chun Kung-fu practitioners and

Wing Chun Practitioners

INTRODUCTION This meetup group was created to allow anyone who's interested in REAL WORLD self defense and personal protection concepts to come and see what our training is all about with no strings attached! ABOUT US The material presented is releva


If you're looking to learn practical martial arts skills in a friendly, informal, and non-traditional environment, the Philly Ronin's Fight Club is for you! This group is the result of my decade-plus journey through the world of martial arts - from b


The concept of the group is simple. This is a venue to meet and train with other martial artists. Spar, drill, talk, share ideas, whatever. It is recommended that interested members have some training before attempting to come to a sparring sessi

Meetup topics:
Martial Artists

This Is The Official Meetup Page of Combat Tactics Group. This is for individuals that want to gain the knowledge of military combat from Combat Tactics Group. In signing up, you are agreeing that you want to be assault proof in the highest degrees o

Martial Artists Enthusiasts

"What would happen if a year-old baby fell from a fourth-floor window onto the head of a burly truck driver, standing on the sidewalk? It's practically certain that the truckman would be knocked unconscious. He might die of brain concussion or a brok

JKD/Kali Enthusiasts

OUR MISSION:  Practice. Learn. Grow. Welcome to the club where you come to share and expand your martial arts skills. We will focus on practical training, drills, and sparring.  Leave your ego at home, come with your heart quiet, and your mind inte

Martial Artists

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April 23, 2014

This is a group for anyone interested in learning our style of Wing Chun at a beginner level. Wing Chun is focused around angles and structure. The basic elements include: balance, timing, control and simultaneity in defense and attacks. It also focu

Club Students
April 22, 2014

Training in Choi Lei Fut kung fu.

April 20, 2014

Most people who have heard of Wing Chun conjure up images of Donnie Yen, awkward poses, and fantastical kung fu feats in their head. Those who know a little bit of "sticking hands" may (mistakenly) think it's used for fighting. Join my group and find

Magnet Hands
April 16, 2014

Do you limit your ability to truly express yourself? Do you know how to use your personal power? This group is about learning to step into your power through the concepts of Jeet Kune Do. You will learn and apply Bruce Lee's philosophy to develop an

JKD Pathfinders
April 11, 2014

"This is a group for those interested in a self defense system that involves close quarters combat, that includes a mixture of mma, and kickboxing. I started this group because I have been trained in CQC, and would like to meet up with others that ha

March 31, 2014

We actually train 4 days a week. Primal Methods Website Mon, Tues 7P-9P and Weds, Thurs 6P-8P Providing a casual training environment for people of all ages and skill levels. Get 2 weeks free zero obligation. $50.00 a month base. $10.00 a day drop

March 25, 2014

A chance for learning, exchanging, practice of this martial arts with a Ip Man lineage student

Wing Chun Seekers
March 23, 2014

Coming to the Myrtle Beach area in July. A meetup group for those interested in the martial arts and in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do in particular. Learn from a 3rd generation instructor. Group classes will be held on Wednesday nights at 7pm and are FREE

March 18, 2014

Partner training orientated to self defense. Realistic close quarter arts with emphasis on application. Use of internal/external concepts. An art that can be easily adapted to your personal strengths/interests/abilities. Main skills focussed upon are

March 7, 2014

Seoul Martial Arts Meetups is a place for people who are interested in martials to meet, discuss, and practice different martial arts.

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